Gateway can supply the data information in a variety of formats to those subscribers who receive their information in electronic format.

This project data format will firstly enable your company to monitor the progress of each project and secondly provide you with the opportunity to create a standard mail merge application.

This resource will ensure your prospective clients have maximum information about your products or services with minimal administrative effort.

This project data format can be an invaluable tool especially when used in conjunction with your own tracking database.

Receiving Information

Gateway can provide the information in the format which best suits your company's needs, such as EXCEL and CSV files.


Email notification of availability of information ready for download from Gateway website

This enables our subscribers to access our database online, this will give immediate access to your information criteria, which is updated frequently. The subscriber will be able to download the sales contacts at a click of a button, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year keeping you that vital one step ahead of the competition.