Gateway Publications provides fully detailed and up to the minute information on property and construction projects. This information is taken from all the leading data banks commencing with projects being initially planned, through to final completion. Our team of professional researchers carefully monitor every stage of these projects enabling Gateway Publications to collate and process all the information you require.

We've been gathering and processing detailed information on property and construction projects for over 10 years and are specialists in this field. Our experienced team of researchers understand the industry, enabling them to source the information you need to give your company the vital head start, that leads to sales opportunities. Competition in today's business world is fierce. Companies are always looking for that opportunity that will give them the edge over their competitors in their market place.

Gateway Publications simply provides business contacts relating to your market. We take no commission whatsoever from contracts you secure as a result of our services. We can enhance, or in some instances, become your marketing department by supplying your company with valuable sales contacts.