Gateway is experienced in all aspects of producing high calibre, qualified contract leads which relate to the following areas:

New construction sites
Property extensions
Property re-fits, refurbishments
Property completions

NEW Construction Sites

New construction site contracts commence from the planning stage and projects are monitored every step of the way. Gateway can supply construction contracts at any or all of the following stages:

Plans submitted
Plans refused
Plans awarded
Tender stages
Contract awarded

Also, we have 10 building categories:

Industrial Commercial
Public Retail
Medical Leisure
Refurbs / Refits Extensions
Residential Others

Property Extensions, Re-fits & Refurbishments

This information contains existing buildings which are undergoing minor to major improvements. These improvements can be for a variety of reasons including expansion of their existing building.

Property Completions

This is Contract information taken from the construction date where the site has been completed and the property is awaiting tenants. The contract in this case would be the owner or managing agents.


This information supplied will be about the client or business that will be moving into the completed building. Valuable contracts will be gained by companies who can offer products or services to their potential customers who are planning expansion changes.

Gateway can provide all of the above information on a county by county basis or on a national basis. This also can include single or combinations of project categories and stages.